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eFootball PES 2020: Introduction to edit mode / New feedback channel.

Well heres something a little close to the heart. Konami have very kindly dedicated a section of their official site to those of us who are rather edit mode inclined so i decided to take a look at what they've outlined on there and to add a few thoughts of my own while im at it. First lets have a look at the information offered to us.

words via Konami.com -

"Edit mode allows you to customise a wide range of items in PES, including players and team details. The most popular feature is the ability to import team uniforms and emblems, which lets you add your own flavor to the game, or easily import edit data made by other PES users!Discover more about Edit mode, such as how to import and create kits, by viewing the information below!

Please note: Team and Kit importing are features available within the PS4 and PC edit mode only.

Introduction to the Edit mode

With PES Edit mode you can freely customise player names, abilities and faces but also team uniforms and emblems to add your own flavor to the game or easily import edit data made by other players.


It is possible to either modify existing players name, skills and motions or create completely new players from their appearance to every single of their settings.


You can freely edit team names, emblems, uniforms, managers, squad numbers as well as their home stadiums and many other parameters or just easily import at once data made from other players.


Managers name, nationality and image can be edited.

National Team Selection

National teams’ members can be changed to make your dream team and take it to the top.


Players can be freely transferred between clubs in the edit mode.


Competitions names, emblems and regulation settings can be changed or easily imported from data made by other players.

Competition Structure

Competitions structures can be modified by changing the clubs order in the edit mode


“Teams” and “competitions” data made by other players can be transferred into the game via the “import” option. Data you created in the edit mode can be stored on external media via the “export” option."

So that's the basic introduction but konami had a little more to offer in the form of their own kit pngs, 12 in fact as well as some handy guides for importing kits, option files and teams, you can access this content via the links below

How to import kits

how to import teams

New kit format and Konami kit downloads

Now you're probably wondering what my thoughts are on this years edit mode? Well, i tend to keep expectations low so that any new additions can be welcomed with open arms rather than be disappointed about what hasn't been added. The efootball PES 2020 edit mode hasn't changed that much from the PES 2019 edit mode to be honest. There are two new additions however, a few new shirt name and number fonts have been added along with the ability to add club partner / sponsor images for each club, you know those images behind players during post match interviews and behind managers during press conferences? yeah them, which i rather like personally. Now obviously its not all sugar drops and rainbows. I was a tad sad to see the kit import numbers hadn't changed, we need more Konami please! and the PC to console kit colour difference is rather drastic also but im sure once notified the dev team will welcome any thoughts on this. Speaking of which Konami today launched a dedicated Facebook page for users to feedback any info directly to the dev team, guess ill be heading over there then.


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