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eFootball PES 2020 @ Gamescom 2019 round up part 1

The 2019 Gamescom expo began yesterday over in Cologne Germany and as always Konami are present showcasing this years coming PES title. Players are able to get hands on and try the game for themselves but its not all about simply playing the game as Gamescom usually means a few announcements are on the way and this years expo has been no different so lets take a look at what has been announced from Germany so far.

UEFA Euro 2020 exclusive license announced.

Konami announced that next years UEFA Euro 2020 tournament will be coming exclusively to eFootball PES 2020. The mode will come via DLC next spring and will include "every national teams’ kits, official balls and the hosting stadium". On top of this the Euro 2020 eSports competition will be played on eFootball PES 2020....Bring on the spring.

Serie A league license announced.

Adding to the news that Juventus FC will appear exclusively in eFootball PES 2020 the Italian domestic league Serie A or Serie A TIM will be fully licensed in this years game. This will see the official league logo / sleeve patch, official match ball and league winners trophy coming to the game. There was no mention of domestic cups etc. however being only a league license this does not include the license for individual teams. Please not that Brescia are the only unlicensed Serie A team. Speaking of leagues etc.....

Announced leagues, teams and stadiums.

A number of teams and leagues have been announced as well as a full list of stadiums that will appear in game. Click here to view a full list of all teams and leagues that have been revealed so far.

Gibraltar national team announcement.

eFootball: A new eSports competition.

Konami will be introducing a new eSports competition "eFootball" hence the games title. here are the details as announced:

As part of our mission to allow more players to experience the joy of esports, "eFootball" - combining esports and football - was added to the title of the series and with "eFootball PES 2020", we will also introduce a brand new type of esports competition.

Through two separate tournaments, KONAMI will crown the world's No. 1 eFootball player and professional club. The "eFootball.Open" tournament will be open to all users through the new in-game mode "Matchday". The "eFootball.Pro" tournament will see the best professional players wear the colors of their football clubs to compete against the top eFootball teams.

Furthermore, the joint sponsorship competitions in co-operation with football associations such as “eJLEAGUE” or “TOYOTA E-LEAGUE” will be held in Asia, South America and Europe as local eFootball tournaments.

The total prize pool across eFootball will be over US$2M, with significant prizes available for eFootball.Pro

Further details regarding the competition will be announced later through the official website.


An exclusive league for professional players belonging to real-world football clubs from Europe that will compete against each other in the name of their club.

・Competition format: 3v3 CO-OP. ・Only professional players belonging to a European club are eligible to enter eFootball.Pro and the prize money will be awarded to their club. ・Clubs will be responsible for selecting their own players. They will be largely chosen from last season’s professional players and those who participated in the recent Regional and World Finals of KONAMI's previous esports competition, PES LEAGUE.


The amateur eFootball tournament previously known as PES LEAGUE is now reborn as eFootball.Open, and through the new online Matchday mode makes esports accessible to everyone.

・Competition format: 1v1. ・For increased accessibility, users will be separated into classes according to their level. ・Top-tier users will have a chance to win a prize money by proceeding to Regional and World Finals after Online qualifiers.

Thats it for our part one Gamescom round up. we will be back as more news drops but for now which announcement are you most excited about? Give us a shout over on twitter, let us know what you think.


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