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PES 2020: Italian and Spanish 2nd divisions to return *UPDATED*

As you are all aware, last year prior to the release of PES 2019 news broke that the Spanish and Italian second divisions were to be removed from the game. As you can imagine this news didn't sit well with Spanish and Italian PES heads alike who we're very happy to voice their displeasure across social media with a few folk deciding to turn their back on the series all together. Well it seems the cries of anger didn't fall on def ears as Konamis' Adam Bhatti revealed during today's E3 live stream that the two second tier leagues would be maiking a return in eFootball PES 2020. Adam explained that he and the guys back at Konami HQ had indeed seen how unhappy the decision to remove the two leagues had made Italian and Spanish PES fans and wanted to announce in person via the livestream that they would be reinstated whist also stating that there may be more announcements regarding second divisions in the future, nice. Check out Adam breaking the news below.

* UPDATE 13/6/2019 *

Since the posting of this news Adam Bhatti has now clarified that both the Spanish and Italian second divisions will be as they were in PES 2018, unlicensed. He also stated that the Spanish second division was "impossible to license due to their existing exclusive deal" with you know who. This means the Spanish second division will use the fictional name 'España División 2' and Italys' will be '2a Divisione Italiana'.


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