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LaLiga and EA SPORTS FIFA renew partnership deal for next 5 seasons

Well PES heads it seems it'll be at least another 5 years before the possibility of seeing a fully licensed Spanish first division make its way into the PES series again as it is being reported that EA have tied up ( or down ) the rights to the La Liga for the next half decade. Now i know the license hasn't been present in the game for a few years now well in full at least so this news isn't exactly world shattering but it does show EA flexing their financial muscle once again by securing a major license for such a lengthy period. Here's what was reported ( via Exchange 4 Media )

"EA SPORTS FIFA has renewed its partnership with LaLiga until the 2023/24 season.

LaLiga engages with millions of football fans around the world and this agreement continues to connect the excitement of football in the leading sports videogame as it comes to life on the virtual pitch.

With the ongoing expansion of LaLiga’s global reach, this agreement reinforces the commitment to engage with LaLiga fans all over the world by bringing the experience to life in EA SPORTS FIFA.

The collaboration between both organizations will offer a number of integrations in the game, including a full broadcast package, and bring the authenticity of LaLiga to life in stadiums, banners, players and more."

On reading this news bare in mind that this doesn't state the deal is 100% exclusive. Remember FC Barcelona are a major Spanish side and a PES premium Partner club, however, it seems EA are focused on signing footballs major leagues to long term deals as reported last November a deal was signed with the Premier league until the conclusion of the 2024/25 season.

What does this mean for the PES series? Honestly i believe personally its as you were, as i stated this has been the scenario up until now and EA extending these deals doesn't exactly change the path Konami have been on in recent years...

...i could be wrong but hey i just report the news i don't foresee it. Stay tuned for more info as i lands.


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