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PES 2020: 10 Edit Mode additions we'd like to see.

It is now the month of May, the 4th of May in fact ( insert star wars related pun here ) It is around this time that the PES community becomes a-buzz with anticipation of some form of PES news, be it the announcement of the upcoming game, a trailer or some form of teaser, any news is good news right?....wait that's wrong. Anyways seeing as there may be some form of news in the coming weeks myself and the boys over at casa del PES world thought it would be a good time to brainstorm what we hope would make it into PES 2020 in terms of edit mode features. You wouldn't be wrong in thinking edit mode is due some form of overhaul, it may not be high on the list of priorities in terms game development, gameplay and visual aesthetics have been at the forefront of the games development in recent years and rightly so in my honest opinion. i mean who wants to play a football game that looks like Minecraft and plays like FIF......easy glen easy! Personally i think PES 2019 Plays well and looks bloody good, I am currently playing through the third season of Master League and im really enjoying it. Back on subject, edit mode may not be the foundation on which the game is built but it damn sure is the glue. Without being able to fill in the gaps so to speak PES probably wouldn't be as appealing to some especially those of us that make up the editing community, i mean as a Newcastle United fan playing as Tyneside would be a bit of a kick in the Balon Dors! So, what do we do? We fill in the gaps as mentioned and such a task has been manageable in recent years even with the series' editing features not changing all that much but, if changes were to be afoot, what would we like to see added or which previous features would we like to see make a comeback? We listed ten ideas ( in no particular order ) that we hope to see in this years game.

1. More kit save slots / an additional goalkeeper kit slot.

Not having every team licensed hasn't been that much of an issue as long as edit mode allows us to be able to update the fake / unlicensed teams and to do this for each team using the hi res image option or size 2048 it would take a minimum of four kit save slots per team. I reference the 2048 sized image option because its the better higher quality of the two options, the other being 1024 sized images of lesser quality. With the two image size options comes a choice, use size 2048 images but only be able to import around 300 images meaning some teams will go without kits or use the lesser 1024 images which can cover every unlicensed team providing you limit every team to 3 outfield kits and don't use manager or stadium images which take a chunk of the overall image slot allowance. The ideal solution would be to allow one image per kit per team to be uploaded, example: an image for the home, away, third and goalkeeper kits plus two extra slots for a possible third kit and a second goalkeeper kit option.

2. More kit collar options.

As many a kit creator will confirm, when it comes to editing collars for PES kits at times you need to be a bit creative due to the exact collar you need not being in game. The number of collar styles and types available are definitely due an upgrade especially with newer more complex kit collars being released by teams all the time.

3. New font / number types, League specific fonts and captains armbands.

As with the kit collars font styles and the amount available could do with looking at. Granted specific designs or font types cant be used due to licensing but perhaps more generic types can be added? maybe designed in house as to avoid licensing issues? One feature i along with many others would like back is font and number outlines or borders. Personally im not sure why they were removed or haven't been seen since but they need to come back. Whilst on the subject i'd like to add the idea of league specific fonts and captains armbands. This would be like the English top division using one font for all teams as well as a single captains armband design implemented into the team editing menu.

4. The stadium creator.

Not to be confused with the current stadium editor the stadium creator is very much missed and we would welcome it back with open arms. Being able to make a stadium feel even more like home is a must. Flags, banners, advertising, stand size, big screen placement, rafter design and even floodlight design are just a few things that would make home feel like home ( trust me i could list alot more) . Don't get me wrong the stadium editor is a very useful function and i think even with a new creator the editor would still be useful, created stadium numbers would obviously have a max limit so you could still edit the generic stadiums for teams you cant create a stadium for.

5. Create a national team

Despite the vast number of national teams available ( there may be more in 2020 ) someone somewhere in the world will be disappointed that their national side hasn't made it into the game or like me, some would simply like to see other nations added, for example previously included teams like Canada and Finland could be created as well as an untold number of nations from around the globe. You could choose teams home nation which would obviously tell you which players qualify to play for that team as well as teams region Europe, South America and so on.

6. Custom league winners sleeve patch

Now this idea could work for both licensed and unlicensed leagues. A nice shiny sleeve patch telling the world that you are champions. This would be a league edit option where you add said sleeve patch and it switches between league winners per season. This could also be used for cups like the world super cup for example.

7. Create a league / create a competition.

Now i know you can create a league over one of the 3 region based fake leagues but what i propose is the ability to add additional leagues and assign them to whichever region you like. You'd start with the league name then choose home country which would then place you in the necessary region, Europe for example qualifying you for all European cup competitions. You'd then choose how many teams in said league and any domestic competitions there would be, you'd need to create a cup if it didn't already exist which it wouldn't as the league you're creating obviously wont be in game.

8. Edit referee kits, appearance, name and nationality.

Well this is pretty self explanatory. Having official looking referees to match their leagues would be cool. We could also import kit images to create custom kits for the men in the middle.

9. Multi fit shirt types.

Today's kits aren't all the same and today's kits tend to have a tighter fit. Being able to assign different shirt fits would add an extra touch of authenticity to kits. There would be three different fit types, loose or standard, close fitting and skin tight.

10. Import prequel data.

Last but definitely not least is the option file maker time saver. It goes without saying that importing prequel data can save weeks of work allowing creators to release files closer to PES release dates. Even if its the basics like team and player info, stadium assignment or manager details to name a few off the top of my head. This would be the ultimate assist especially for those on XBOX consoles.

These are just a few of the things that could be added to edit mode this year. There are community members who have listed tonnes of possible improvements. For a plethora of PES 2020 suggestions give @SuggestionsPES a visit over on twitter, tell em Glen sent ya. Hopefully a lot of these ideas will be implemented, some additions are needed and some will add to the overall appeal especially to editors and creators alike.


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