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Score Against Cancer Football shirt Friday streamathon.

Were a little late to the party but every little helps. The amazing guys over at Score Against Cancer teamed up with the Bobby Moore fund and held a live Streamathon all in the name of Cancer research. Details are as follows:

"On Friday 26th of April, Score Against Cancer’s very own Shogun FC will be hosting a multi-channel streamathon across FIFA, PES and Football Manager!

With multiple streamers getting involved and doing their part, we’re hoping to raise as much money as possible for The Bobby Moore Fund and their pioneering bowel cancer research.

For those unaware of Football Shirt Friday, the concept is simple: On Friday 26th of April, wear a football shirt of your choice, donate £5 and enjoy your day! It’s that simple! Whether you’re working in an office or having fun with friends and family, anyone and everyone can get involved!

And this year, Score Against Cancer and our friends in the gaming community will all be wearing their favourite football shirt, donating £5 and providing you with some awesome video game content in the mean time!

Stay tuned for more updates by following us on Twitter at @ScoreCancer and follow the Bobby Moore Fund on Twitter too!"

Now, the live stream may be over but you can still make a donation. Click here to donate and join the fight against cancer.

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