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Borussia Dortmund give reason for ending license agreement with Konami early.

As reported in the week Konami had announced that German side Borussia Dortmund had decided to prematurely end their partnership with the Japanese company and would not be included in PES 2019 despite already being advertised as such. At the time no reason was given by either party but BVB have now opened up and detailed why they ended the deal with Konami and believe me the reason will not shock you at all. They stated in response to a question via twitter:

Translated from German

"In fact, after careful consideration, we decided to end our cooperation with Konami prematurely in order to cooperate with the manufacturer of the successful "FIFA" series EA Sports in the future.

Of course we can understand the disappointment of many PES players, just as we noticed the recurring wish of many "FIFA" players after a new BVB integration.

We are convinced that all black-yellow video game fans worldwide will also be able to offer a high-quality and intensive gaming experience in the future."


What wont sit well with PES loving Dortmund fans like myself is this. If Dortmund were already in FIFA via their Bundesliga license ( minus their stadium ) why would a move like this be necessary? Surely not to secure the use of their stadium also? Personally i believe it to be less about 'the call of the fans' and more about pulling the legs from under an ever growing competitor but hey thats just my opinion.

I cant be sued for an opinion



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