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We knew it was coming! EA pick up UEFA competitions license.....apparently.

Water is wet, the sun is hot, EA picking up the UEFA license. These are all very obvious things, we knew it was coming it was just a matter of time. As reported back in April Konami had bought their 10 year association with Europe's top club competitions to an end and we all knew the inevitable would happen sooner rather than later. Well, according to Dutch football commentator ( Fox sports ) Evert ten Napel we were right to expect the inevitable as he let slip that EA had indeed picked up the license whilst speaking on Dutch television, he said:

"For about six or seven days a year, I record updated lines in the studio in Utrecht with Youri Mulder. In 2019 as well, the game will get even better, because they've added the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. I'm almost finished with the 2019 version, which will then go to the test centre, some very good players will check everything and after that, it will go to the stores in October. And then all those weirdos will be standing in line again at midnight."

Now, as much as this isn't really news to us there is a slight twist in the story as EA had most likely planned to reveal the acquisition at E3 in june so Mr Napel letting it slip so early may not go down to well with the big wigs over at EA towers.

Awww shame ( sad face )


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