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Thanks but no thanks! Liga MX turn down Konami in favour of renewing EA deal.

It has been reported by ESPN.com that Pro Evolution Soccer developers Konami digital entertainment tabled an offer that would see Mexico's premier football competition Liga MX or Liga BBVA Bancomer ( the leagues title sponsor ) feature in the recently revealed PES 2019. Unfortunately, according to the report the offer was rejected in favour of the Mexican league renewing their deal with EA ( Electronic Arts ) and is to be featured in FIFA 19 instead. Now, whats important here is that the report doesn't state whether or not PES 2019 will still feature a handful of Mexican teams as it has in previous games but i honestly don't see anything to suggest otherwise and believe they will still feature. What this also shows is Konami's intent. For the longest time PES fans have grumbled about the lack of leagues featured in PES, some even went as far as to criticise Konami for not putting up more of a fight when it comes to acquiring League licenses. Statements like these are redundant and very ill informed as it is impossible to know exactly how far the Japanese company has gone year after year in their attempts to acquire more licenses. It is ridiculous to think they don't try but what you must remember is they are competing with a company who have far more resources and a much bigger bank balance. Besides, PES 2019 was only revealed a few days ago, we have a long way to go and alot more to be revealed so lets just see what Konami can pull out of their hats.

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