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PES World PES 2018 Edit Mode Reveal

As a PES editor, year on year i along with many others eagerly await news on what the upcoming PES title while contain in terms of editing capabilities, i mean its what we do right? what will be added, what will be removed ( boo) Well, this year we were handed the task of revealing to you all exactly what the PES 2018 edit mode will allow us to do. Now don't get to excited as this years creative section is pretty much the same as last years with the addition of one or two new features. Face builds remain the same which is a bit of a blessing as last years custom face creations can be built into this years game. Kit importing remains the same except now there is an overwrite saved image option. Also new is Competition import / export which gives us the ability to import cup and league details, logos and such however you cannot import full leagues as in squads etc. Anywho below you will find our edit mode videos, three in fact where you can take a look for yourself, enjoy.


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