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PES 2018 visual reality

For the last two years it has been very apparent that the focus during PES development was very much on game play, PES brand manager Adam Bhatti himself stated on a number of occasions that "game play is fundamental", a very true statement. This year however it seems that visual reconstruction has taken a few steps forward in terms of priority although i doubt that game play has taken that much of a back seat. Visually PES 2018 has definitely raised the proverbial bar in terms of its own standard and yes you can say compared to its rival, well to be honest visually PES has eclipsed said rival in terms of visuals for a good few years now in my humble opinion but anyways back to the point. Recently Adam gave a close up taste of the amazing work being done on player faces when he tweeted Atletico Madrid star Antoine Griezmanns' in game face....the PES community went into meltdown.

PES has received visual upgrades in abundance this year from player to pitch from the crowd to the tunnel changes have been made across the board. So, lets take a look at some of the new visual features added or upgraded this year.

Authentic Player Models: Player body scanning

Using real life scanning data, perfectly recreate the player models, including short size and shirt fitting

Animation Rework: Base player revolution

Player animations have been reworked from the ground up, starting with core movement such as walking, turning and body posture.

Human motion

With hundreds of animations coming into the game, the natural flow between them creates a sense of reality never seen before in the series.

Facial emotion

Face animation has been significantly upgraded, allowing the user to see intricacies in emotion and feeling with matches any given situation. Alongside this facial expression animation has been greatly improved, creating the biggest upgrade ever in PES.


The highly praised Keepers will see a new level of improvement. As well an abundance of new save animations, keepers carry the ball more naturally after a save, and have a variety of intelligent motions when throwing the ball to a player.

Presentation elements

As well new HUD elements, during the game a variety of stats based on team and player performance will appear with real player images. New cut scenes added such as substitution and foul calling, as well as unique presentation when a player scores a hat-trick.

Real World Visuals: Real lighting

On site research and material coverage of partner team home stadiums Camp Nou and Signal Induna Park benefits the game in the recreation of authentic lighting for the turf, with the addition of players and tunnels for both day and night matches based on fine detail data all collected in real corresponding times.

Locker rooms

During the coverage, capturing of the locker rooms and mix areas took place to allow further realistic recreation for in-game.


Off the pitch, crowd visuals and their reaction to the on-pitch action have been improved for a more natural but dramatic effect.

images courtesy of Konami Digital Entertainment


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