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PES 2018 new modes and features

Each year we as PES fans wonder what new will be added to the latest instalment. A number of new additions have been added to PES 2018, a few of which have been outlined below. Have a read and let us know what you think.


PES League integration

Compete in the eSports competition with myClub

Scout auction improvement

New functions such as the database to search the specific type of player you want, history on past auction results, and Auto Bid functions for final round bids are some of the new features.

myClub Online CO-OP

Build your CO-OP team with your squad combined with your friends. Cooperation is a big part of the strategy that comes into play for victory.

Master League

Challenges & goals

At the start of the season you will now be given a set of objectives and challenges according to the state of your team, which are important if you want to stay in the job!

Pre season tournaments

Play against the big teams before the season starts.

Transfer system enhancement

New elements added such as release fees in player contracts.

New menu design throughout the mode, with the inclusion of pre-match interview sessions before big matches and locker room scenes.

Random Selection Match

Fan favourite returns!

Added through popular demand, the mode returns with more ways to play and new presentation elements. Set the criteria of players you want and play with the selected players as your team.

Trade system

Once you have your players, try and bargain for player exchanges while blocking the player you don’t want traded, testing your strategic choices.


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