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As PES heads we tend to wait with baited breath around this time of year especially as events like E3 and Gamescom come around as this means reveal, info and trailer time. Not long ago we were introduced to PES 2018 via a teaser trailer ( here ) and its safe to say it left us thirsty for more. Today Konami decided to quench our thirst with an eagerly awaited full trailer. Whilst the PES 2017 game play left us in awe this year it is the visual that take centre stage ( not taking away from the game play ) and might i say how visually stunning it is. It seems the stadium atmosphere has been ramped up a bit

as well as the players and entrance scenes. Player likenesses are on another level compared to PES 2017 and the builds in that game were outstanding.......that says alot. We see a few marquee players such as Luis Suarez and Marco Reus to name two have been inked up also showing the attention to detail given to certain players. This years title is shaping up to be one hell of a game but hey dont take my word for it check out the trailer for yourself below and let us now what you think.


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