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PES World Champions / Europa league pack out now.

It's no fun having those darn fake teams popping up while taking on Europes' elite, it takes away from the realism. Well worry no more as our Champions / Europa League pack adds 26 of Europes finest in place of said fake teams plus a bonus team incase your a fan. Aim for European glory in either competition as the ever popular Celtic, Turkish giants Fenerbahce, Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk or swap out FC Zurich and welcome your opponents to hell as bonus team Galatasaray who are not in European competition this season but we had so many requests for them we had to add them ( please read the notice at the bottom of this article ) Also included are stadium and manager info along with rival and banner info for the licensed European teams who don't have them. All teams are kitted out in the usual high quality strips along with hi res emblems, stadium and manager images aswell as rival and stadium banner info. Once downloaded and imported into your game you will notice some if not all the teams may have different sponsors or some sponsors removed entirely, this is in accordance with the guidelines in regards to team strips in European competition. As we are in the middle of the January transfer window any transfers completed by these teams will be included in an update once the window closes. Head on over to our PS4 downloads page to get hold of these teams and enjoy.

*We are aware witsel is no longer at zenit, this will be updated when the january transfer window closes.


Since release we found an issue causing one of the teams included in this pack to cause conflicts with other squads and at times cause the game to crash while importing the teams, this team was Steaua Bucuresti. To fix the issue we had to remove the problem team and replace it with a team that didnt cause issues. Lucky enough we had the Galatasaray bonus team to hand and on testing it didnt cause any issues when we replaced Steaua with them so from here on Galatasaray are a permanent team in this pack not a bonus team replacing Steaua Bucuresti.


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