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Borussia Dortmund license announced, PES 2017 demo date, Gamescom trailer and more....

It has just been announced and much to my delight might i add that PES 2017 will feature German Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund. Being one of footballs most loved teams whether you support them or not ( i do ) this is seen as a great acquisition as Dortmund have been one of the most requested teams over the past few years. Not only will BVB be featured in all their glory but the legendary yellow wall will be present also. Yes the westfalon stadion or Signal Iduna Park will be added via update post launch along with Liverpools Anfield stadium ( see here )

On top of this a few othe Bundesliga teams were revealed in the PES 2017 gamescom trailer. FC Schalke 04 and Bayer Leverkusen will also be present and yes there is no sign of Bayern.

Today's news also came with a fantastic trailer exhibiting the aforementioned teams plus a few more ( Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona etc ) aswell as some amazing gameplay and stunning visuals.

The trailer also revealed the PES 2017 demo release date. Players will finaly be able to experince the game for themselves on the 24th August for european players but will be available a day earlier in the Americas.

Obviously to me this is amazing news i love Borussia Dortmund and cant wait to play as them. What about you? let us know here.


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