August 4, 2016

While many PESDAY2 attendees will be writing up or making YouTube videos about flashy moves, astonishing visuals and some of the cleanest menus and screens PES has ever seen I will not be… Much like my personality I tend to be very different, always looking to shave against the grain so to speak. I would like to touch on a few topics all centered around the gameplay in PES2017.

I feel this is summ...

June 14, 2016

Yes, yes, YES!! sorry i was just reacting to the news that finally option file sharing will be possible in PES 2017. Konami have announced this much appreciated news along with a whole host of new information regarding whats to come in this years game. Mode improvements, game play additions and new features were only a few of the things touched on. you can read the full details below and be sure t...

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