Frequently asked questions

Option Files

What exactly is an option file?

An Option File is a set of exported edit data along with different forms of created content aimed at improving, updating and / or customising your game. Generally an Option File comprises of game edit data or save file/s, kit images, emblems and badges etc although the file is not limited to these things especially where other platorms are concerned.

How do i download / install an Option File?

We have detailed instructions and guides designed to make things a tad easier for you when downloading and installing an Option File, however, we are available to answer any questions not covered in said guides and can be contacted via email Please be sure to make sure your query isnt covered already in either the FAQs or help guides before contacting us via e-mail. Installation guides

How much do your Option Files cost?

Absolutely nothing. All the work we create costs nothing although we do have a pre loaded USB service which is entirely optional. We accept donations which again are optional however, we donate a percentage of all donations to a chosen charity.

What size kits should i use, 2048 or 1024?

Well, this totally depends on you and which you'd prefer, higher qulaity kits limted to approximately 360 in total or kits of a lower resolution and quality of which you can add over 1000 to your game.

You guys release an update, do i have to install everything again?

No. All you need to add is the new updated content making sure to overwrite the older files / images.

Can i / we use your work in our own then release it?

With our permission, yes you can. We have no problem collaborating with other groups or sites aslong as this is discussed beforehand. In the case of our work, logos or intelectual property being used without permission there are actual legal repercussions individuals can face. PES World, PESW and PES World Gaming are legal trademarks registered under the PES World media group and there are penalties for the unauthorized use of said properties.

How do i know when a file has been updated?

There'll be a small banner under the updated file with the word "updated"

In game Questions

Can i import all leagues at once?

You can but we don't reccomend it. In the past there have been cases of the game crashing if to much is imported at once. We suggest importing no more than a league at a time.

When importing kits should i select the 'overwrite same name file' box?

Yes. Space is limited as is so you dont want to be using up valuable save space so go ahead and overwrite any previous kits. The same applies to all other importable images.


Are you affiliated with Konami Digital Entertainment?

No, not in any way shape or form. PES World is an independent entity with no official ties to Konami or any of its subsidaries. Communication between Konami and or any other party does not constitue affiliation in any form.